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You’ve Just Finished High School, Now What? – PART I

This is PART I of a two part series. If you are planning on entering the workforce after graduation, come read the second article here.

Graduating from high school is a big feat. Many people don’t think of it like that, but you have just spent 13 years of your life focusing on one great accomplishment. Looking back through those experiences, you see the triumphs and heartaches associated with those difficult years. Here you are now. You have donned the cap and gown, and walked across the stage to receive your diploma.

Now what?

Upon graduation, there are two main options: enter the workforce or post-secondary education. In this two part series, I’ll discuss both of these avenues, because I have experienced both. Whichever direction you decide to take, set goals and work hard. Both principles will lead you to success in the future.

The Student

Hopefully you have applied to the university or college of your choice and you are preparing to start classes in the fall. If not, don’t fret. Do your research and determine when deadlines take place. Where you attend school is a critical choice and you should do so with much thought in mind. Don’t necessarily just attend where it’s convenient or where your parents went, but know which institution will set you up for success. USA Today produced a list of 25 questions you could ask yourself when deciding where to go.

For those who were accepted and getting ready to make the transition, let me offer a few pieces of advice that will help make your experience that much better.

Learn to organize your timechoose

This is a article in itself, but the faster you develop this principle, the better off you will be. Get a day planner, a calendar or use your phone–whatever you use–USE IT! You can be successful, a good student and have a ton of fun if you organize your time. I remember seeing this image a while back and after a quick chuckle, realizing how inaccurate it is. You can do it all, if you can organize your time.

secretary-2199013_640Know resources available

Find a list of the various offices and resources offered at school. If you aren’t an amazing student, use tutoring services. If you struggle with mental health or want to serve and help other people, find out where you can go for that. During a fairly stressful time of life, it is okay to ask for help

Get involvedteam-386673_640

At every school there are many options for student involvement. The experiences you have will not only be lots of fun, but can also help build your resume. I have had many wonderful volunteer and leaderships experiences that I would consider invaluable.


This list is not comprehensive, but some of the big hitters. Your college experience is going to be what you make it. This is one of the first periods of your life when your parents aren’t necessarily making your choices for you. Be wise and have as much fun as you can!

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