Is This The Year You Keep Your Resolutions?

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Most people ring in the new year with a list of new goals they want to accomplish. Studies suggest that only eight percent of people actually accomplish them.

The only way to turn these good intentions into a reality is to set concrete goals and develop an action plan to carry them out. When creating goals, follow the steps I shared in a previous article.

Next you need to develop an action plan to make things happen. After doing some searching, I found some common themes online that outline the first few steps you should take to keeping your resolutions.

Write goals down

This seems to go unsaid, but the value of taking a few minutes to write your goals down is critical. It makes the goal concrete and unwavering. That isn’t to say that you can’t make adjustments, but it is important that you put real words to what you want to accomplish. Taking this further, it’s important to display your goal somewhere you can see them. A gentle reminder that you are working towards something will help you keep trying. I have had many great ideas go by the wayside, because I did not write it down.

Break goals up into smaller, short-term segments

When I turned 25, I decided that in the next 10 years, I wanted to compete in an IronMan. For those of you unfamiliar, an IronMan is a triathlon consisting of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run, raced in that order and without a break. This lofty goal is something I still want to do, but in the time since I set the goal, I haven’t made much progress.

By taking time to break up your goals into smaller, short-term segments you can take effective steps towards something bigger. Maybe that means setting monthly markers for progress or completing a task that will help prepare you. In my example, I could join a cycling club or train for a half marathon this year. Once you accomplish the smaller goals, that sense of achievement will fuel your drive to reach loftier heights.

Talk about goals with other people

The last major step that is often forgotten is creating a system of accountability. Bodybuilders have personal trainers that constantly provide motivation and direction. Interns have trainers to answer questions and assign tasks. I have a supportive wife that isn’t afraid to crack the whip if necessary. Find someone in your life that will help you make progress. Depending on the goals you set, it may be helpful to find someone to work on the same goal together with. If you are accountable to someone for reaching your goals, you will have greater success in achieving them.

—Wrap Up—

Our lives are like roller coasters–constantly changing direction or heading up/downhill. We wake up on January 1st, determined that this year is when everything will be different. While you can’t predict what life will throw at you, it is important to be constantly progressing towards where you want to be. Take some time in four weeks to re-evaluate and see where you are. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t made progress. Reset your goal and action plan based on what you’ve learned.

What are some of your goals for 2019? Comment below and share them so we can work together on achieving your goals.


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