About the Author


Since I was a young man, I recognized the connection with lifelong learning and the importance of being a good student. While of course I’m not perfect, and there are plenty of people more qualified than myself to instruct you on these matters, I want to add an additional voice to theirs. Being a student can be hard, whether that’s in high school, college or during your career. I know the stresses that you’re feeling because, let’s face it, I am feeling them too. I want to create a collaborative atmosphere where we all can give input and suggestions of how we can all be considered The Sharp Student.

11717329_10153098847325369_2820249097492909820_oCurrently, I am a full-time student at Brigham Young University, pursuing a Public Relations major and a Nonprofit Management minor. I hope to make a difference in the world and spend all of my spare time with my family. I have a strong passion for music, singing and dancing since I was young. I have had wonderful opportunities to perform over the years and attempt to entertain thousands. I also consider myself a movie and tech junkie (after working retail electronic sales for a few years).