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How to Showcase Your Personal Brand

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In my last article I talked about the importance of crafting your own personal brand. Developing an understanding of your brand is only the first step. Now that you have your brand, you need to get your name out there. Thankfully, we live in an era where being heard isn’t difficult. It’s just a matter of putting the time in.


Almost all fields require some prior experience before getting placed in a career job. The best way to set yourself up for success is to compile the work that you are proud of. These sample should show a broad spectrum of your capabilities and knowledge. Once you have the work compiled, determine whether you want your portfolio to be a digital or print format. Personally, I opted for my own portfolio website. This allows me to update it easily and it can be shared with a larger audience. For beginners, use a free website builder like WordPress, Wix or SquareSpace. To get some ideas for what you could create, check out these examples from Louisiana State University.

Social Media

You have most likely heard consistently through the years that your social profiles could affect you negatively, but it may be time for a mental shift. Could your online presence assist you in obtaining your dream job? The research seems to agree. did a survey earlier this year that stated, “Nearly three-quarters (70 percent) of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring.” To add on to the trend, “57 percent of employers are less likely to call someone in for an interview if they can’t find a job candidate online.” It’s important that you put yourself out there.

Pick which platforms you want to use and always be wise in choosing what you put out there. My personal opinion of platform use is the following:

  • Facebook – personal (high privacy settings)
  • Instagram/Twitter – personal/professional
  • LinkedIn – professional

Print Media (Resume, Cover Letter, Business card)

This template is from

As digital as we have become, I’m not sure if there will ever be a time where business cards and paper resumes go out of style. Industries differ in how a resume is presented, but can I simply say that it’s important that it showcases your brand? Add a little color or some unique elements that scream YOU! It will go a long way. I believe it’s important to have style elements repeat through the different types of documents. I have practiced this for a while and usually get good feedback from my cards and resumes.


What have you done to showcase your personal brand? Share your portfolio links below!


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